Shock Report: Trump’s Life At Stake…The Security Bombshell That Has Democrats Going Insane!

Now that Donald Trump’s win to the White House is all but certified, the left are scrambling to find more reasons to attack him.

No longer able to call the election into question, they are trying to undermine the next President’s authority and ability to lead. They are trying to generate any kind of drama over his leadership and decisions, even when there is nothing to report on.

So was the case when Politico tried to create conflict between Donald Trump’s security detail and the Secret Service. They claimed that Trump’s team would conflict with the SS, causing confusion and risk.

But former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, has another view.

From IJR:

“I spent a significant portion of my adult life as a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service and, during that time, I worked with White House staff members, foreign governments, and the U.S. military, conducting security advances all over the world. With that, I’ll tell you with as close to 100% certainty as you’re likely to get that the below linked story is fake news.”

Bongino explains that friction between Secret Service and staff is nothing new. He even says the Politico writing is making up facts and claims they cannot verify, based on information they do not have access to.

He even reminded readers that Obama picked a former basketball player as his body man and no one batted an eye. In fact, the sycophants in the  media applauded the decision.

But now Politico is criticizing Trump for selecting former law enforcement. You know, people with actual training and skill.

This Politico story is the height of fake news. It is merely hype and lies meant to manipulate unwitting readers. Another example of how the liberal mainstream media will stop at nothing to get their way.

And another example of how they are destroying their credibility and driving readers away.

Source: IJR

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