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SHOCK REVEAL: Hillary’s Undercover Campaign EXPOSED! She’s Been Hiding Her…
By Cheryl Chumley|September 5, 2016

Heading into the fall, Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy seems to be fading fast.

The Democratic pick for president wasn’t be around much in August, choosing to attend privately hosted fundraisers instead of public campaign events. Which is leading political pundits to wonder: Is her whole strategy to win the White House to wait for the clock to tick down and voters to drop their ballots for her in November?

If so, it’s not working.  TruthFeed reports: 

Trump has rebounded in some national and battleground polls.  In that time, controversy has exploded over Clinton Foundation ties to the State Department. A steady drip of developments surrounding Clinton’s use of a private email server also persists, punctuated by Friday’s release by the FBI of documents pertaining to its investigation into her email set-up.

The allegations, rumors, controversies and unfavorable chatter surrounding Clinton’s campaign are having their effect. According to The Hill:

“It used to look like Clinton should just spend the fall at the International Space Station watching Trump implode,” said Marquette University pollster Charles Franklin, whose recent Wisconsin-based survey concluded Clinton was facing a dramatic decline in favor across a score of metrics, the Hill reported. “…but it raises the question of whether you can disappear from the campaign trail without it have some effect.”

It’s been more than 273 days since Clinton has, in fact, stepped to the podium from her campaign perch and provided opportunity for members of the press to ask her questions.  She will be forced into the limelight as her polling numbers plummet and the national debates approach, and Americans want to know: will she hold up to the pressure or will she crumble?

Source: TruthFeed

Cheryl Chumley
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