SHOCK: Trump Considers Sarah Palin For Key Position…Liberal Meltdown Begins! [WATCH]

More news is coming in over possible cabinet picks for Donald Trump’s administration.

We already know he’s selected Jeff Sessions, a long time conservative and supporter, to be Attorney General. He’s picked Stephen K. Bannon as White House chief Strategist. Both of these conservative men have come under fire by the left over slanderous claims. Without any evidence, they have accused them of being racists, while their record proves otherwise.

Trump has also made strong picks in Michael T. Flynn for National Security Advisor, Mike Pompeo as head of the CIA, and Nikki R. Haley as our U.N. ambassador.

Speculation still abounds over whom he will select for other key cabinet positions, such as Secretary of State. But new rumors are sufacing over his pick for Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

From Joe For America:

Donald Trump is reportedly considering [Sarah] Palin to become Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Palin herself is not a veteran, but has family who are veterans and there are few people in the nation who have been as outspoken about Veterans Affairs as Sarah Palin.

The Democrats in the media will absolutely have a field day. Their problem is that, like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin really doesn’t care what they think and is more than willing to push back twice as hard.

As former Alaska governor and VP candidate, Palin has plenty of leadership experience. She’s an outsider like Trump, who will most certain upset the status quo in D.C. to get our veterans the care they deserve.

Currently the state of veterans’ benefits are deplorable. Many of our vets can’t get the coverage they need for life-saving or improving help, bogged down by red tape and rampant corruption in VA hospitals. Many veterans are even homeless, unable to work or get benefits, despite serving our country.

A strong, uncompromising person like Sarah Palin could go a long way in turning arount this tragic and unacceptable state of affairs. She can reform policies that are making it difficult for our veterans to get what they need and flourish in our society.

Source: Joe For America

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