SHOCK: What’s WRONG With This Philadelphia Landmark? Crooked Hillary Is BEHIND It!

This week’s Democratic National Convention has been nothing but a disaster. While the Dems want you to believe they stood in unity to nominate their first female candidate for president, the truth is the convention was full of division, fighting, protests, and disrespect. It’s clear the establishment of the party colluded to squeeze out Bernie and his many supporters are furious.

But that’s only one part of the story that is this disaster. One of the more shocking slights during the DNC was the utter lack of American flags in or around the convention center. An event to nominate a Democratic candidate for president… had no American flags. The symbol of our freedom, of our national identity couldn’t be found.

Sounds about right.

Suddenly on the second day, they added a few to the corners of the stage, in what was clearly a rushed, half-assed attempted to look patriotic.

But what will shock you even more is where those flags actually go.

From Daily Caller:

The six flag poles on top of the Philadelphia City Hall are bare Thursday morning. One city official who asked not to be named told The Daily Caller that the U.S flags typically atop the City Hall flagpoles have been moved to the Democratic National Convention stage.

Lauren Hitt, communications director for the City of Philadelphia, told TheDC that the flags were taken down for “safety reasons.”

“We took them down for safety reasons. Every time we needed to lower them to half-staff, we needed to get a roofer down here who would then have to use 2 ladders to get to where the flags were. Given the thunderstorms, expected flash floods and extreme heat we’ve experienced this week, we didn’t feel it was safe,” she said.

Um, can anyone else smell the b-s? Since when do you take down and hide flags for “safety reasons”? Clearly the DNC ripped flags off the Philadelphia City Hall to dress up their sad, pathetic stage.

It’s really quite appropriate, metaphorically. The Democrats are wholly unpatriotic, too many patriotic Americans recognize this and won’t let them do anything but shrink until they can’t ruin our country anymore. They don’t show respect to our country by flying an American flag. When they are exposed by the public, they quickly try to fix the problem to appear patriotic, but by doing so they rob locals of their dignity. And which city hall did they rob? Philadelphia’s, the birthplace of our freedom.

Ouch. Come on Democrats. This is ridiculous, even for you.

Source: Daily Caller

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