Conservatives Have Condemned The KKK. Should Democrats Condemn Antifa And Black Lives Matter?

After the horrible Charlottesville violence and domestic terrorism, a political and social media volcano erupted.

All conservatives were immediately painted as racist bigots and the same as the KKK, even though they vocally denounced the alt-right national supremacist protest and the injuries and death that ensued.

The media parsed the President’s words and blamed him for everything that had happened.

Meanwhile the violent Left, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter, was imported from other states to incite riots, much as they have in other cities around the nation.

But the media and liberals on social media are painting them as the heroes and martyrs of this tragedy and are stirring up anger, fear and possibly more violent demonstrations in Seattle and Richmond.

Do you think Democrats should condemn Antifa and Black Lives Matter, just as conservatives have condemned the KKK and White Supremacists?

Vote in our National Poll, then make your thoughts known in the comments below.

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