Should Trump Ban Food Stamps For Drug Addicts?

Millions of American tax dollars are spent every year to help the “poor and needy.”

But are those people poor and needy if they take that money to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs?

And in the 21st century, should America be able to make sure food stamps are only used for basic food needs by people who really need it?

Trump could make this change and save American taxpayers, while putting those dollars to much better use helping those in need.

Do you think Trump should ban food stamps for drug addicts?

Vote in our National Poll, then sound off in the comments below!

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Some stunning details from Substance Abuse Policy Research Program:

  • Although almost 20 percent of welfare recipients report recent use of some illicit drug during the year, only a small minority satisfies internationally accepted diagnostic criteria for drug or alcohol dependence.
  • Illicit drug use and dependence are more common among women receiving welfare than among women who do not. Drug use is a risk factor for welfare receipt, even after controlling for race, educational attainment, region and other factors.
  • Alcohol dependence also appears more prevalent among women receiving welfare than among those who do not, though this effect is smaller and more ambiguous than is the case for drugs.

Source: SAPRP

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