SICK: Terrorists Commit HEINOUS Act Against Child…But Obama’s Response Is Even WORSE!

Charleton Heston once said, “Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” Think about that for a second.  I’m sure the Obamas squirm every time they hear that.

Look out! Obama’s about to draw another “red line”! Or maybe the First Lady will screw her face into an ever sterner frown and hold up a piece of paper with a Twitter hashtag on it! If you thought the White House’s impotent reactions to Islamic atrocities couldn’t get any more pathetic, wait until you see this one.

The president has placed America on the side of Syria’s “rebels,” who have no compunction about following the Geneva Convention or other rules of warfare. Now a horrific new video is making the rounds and all the Obama administration can offer in response are empty words.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

What State Department spokesman Mark C. Toner said after videos began circulating on social media showing President Barack Obama’s Syrian rebel friends beheading a boy suspected of being a pro-government fighter perfectly demonstrated this administration’s pure cowardice.

“If, as you said, if we can prove that this was indeed what happened and this group was involved in it, I think it would certainly give us pause,” he said during a State Department briefing this Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

When reporters then asked Toner whether this meant the Syrian rebels whom the Obama administration supports would face “some kind of consequence,” he again resorted to his feeble rhetoric about a “pause.”

While beheading a child is obviously never excusable, it is reported that the boy was clearly too sickly to be a fighter of any description anyway. After killing their victim, the “rebels” are seen celebrating.

Apparently the White House is more concerned about transgendered bathrooms to worry about who their “allies” are killing.  The American people need to reject tyranny… even if it has good manners.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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