REVEALED: The SICK Truth Of The FOX News Sex Scandal…Much Worst Than Was Known!

If Fox News executives thought that dumping Roger Ailes would make rumors of sexual harassment in their offices disappear, a major report is guaranteed to keep the topic in the headlines.

In the wake of Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson’s allegations, more women have come forward with claims of a toxic work environment at the cable news giant.

The New York Times reports:

The Times spoke with about a dozen women who said they had experienced some form of sexual harassment or intimidation at Fox News or the Fox Business Network, and half a dozen more who said they had witnessed it. Two of them cited Mr. Ailes and the rest cited other supervisors. With the exception of Ms. Bakhtiar, they all spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing embarrassment and fear of retribution. Most continue to work in television and worry that speaking out could damage their careers.

They told of strikingly similar experiences at Fox News. Several said that inappropriate comments about a woman’s appearance and sex life were frequent. Managers tried to set up their employees on dates with superiors. (…)

One woman who is still there said that a producer of a show on which she frequently appeared persuaded her to go on dates with him. When she decided after two uneventful outings that she had had enough, he ceased to have her on his show, she said.

Fox representatives have issued categorical denials. It’s highly likely that more allegations will now surface, especially because the liberal media will so eager to run with them. As always in these instances, it will be difficult to determine which have merit and which don’t.

Regardless, it’s likely that the damage to Fox News has already been done, and can’t be fixed. It remains the number one rated cable news network, but how many of its core, conservative viewers will still think of it as their “go to” channel if these sordid accusations continue to emerge?

Source: New York Times

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