Hilarious: Watch Liberal Snowflakes ‘Scream Helplessly’ At The Sky On Anniversary Of Trump’s Win

For many millions across America, the election in November 2016 was a historic moment for our country. It was the day we took our country back from the corrupt, establishment of D.C. and elected a man who would put America First.

But for one group of pathetic, childish, unproductive, and ignorant folk, it is a day of misery. While many liberals have moved on with their lives, settling for posting angry comments now and again online, there is a clutch of idiots that needs to make their mark on the day.

These babies decided that November 8 would be a day that they strained their voices, wasted their time, and gave us plenty to laugh about.

Each of these videos are unbelievably entertaining, and even better when you play them all at once!

From PJ Media:

As promised, anguished snowflakes are gathering tonight in approximately 25 cities to “scream helplessly at the sky” in protest of President Trump’s election.

Several entertaining videos of the histrionics have emerged.

One from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

There’s a lot we could say about a group of people so anemic, bitter, and immature as this. They’ve really given all their power to Donald Trump. They hate him so much, they have no problem humiliating themselves in this way. Their entire happines, well-being, and prosperity has been shattered, because one person won an election and another didn’t.

Despite the major victories over the course of this year, they still want to bicker and complain. I’m not too surprised; much of the victories won by Trump are economic. These entitled Socialists don’t have jobs and refuse to work. So, it’s not as if they are benefitting from America’s newfound success.

I’ll just leave you with one final thought. As you gaze in wonder at these bizarre creatures, banging drums and screaming at cameras, keep in mind: do we ever want people like this happy?

I think not.

Source: PJ Media

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