President Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America has been nothing more than his intentional dismantling of America’s economy, culture, traditions and institutions and replacing them with a foreign system called “Islam.”

Along the way we’ve watched president Obama make a dangerous deal with Iran, a rabidly anti-American Islamic nation, that could catapult it into being a global nuclear power as well as an energy producing superpower and a threat to America, Israel and world peace, in general.

Our newly elected leader, president-elect Donald Trump wants to change that and undo the damage to America’s safety, security and national interests that Obama has, foolishly, brought down on our heads but he may be facing opposition from some senate Republicans.

From Allen B West:

There’s rumor that some GOP Senators will block incoming President Trump from doing anything regarding the Iranian nuclear agreement, which is nothing but an executive action, little more than a piece of paper.

So, West has recommended a plan for Trump going forward:

First, we need to restore our energy program, and I mean our oil, gas, and coal industries and seek to crush the developing axis of Russia and Iran. The new discovery of oil in Midland TX at Wolfcamp is the largest ever and will yield over a million barrels a day. It will put our nation on a path to self-sustainability, and combined with Trump’s calls for opening federal land to drilling and the Keystone pipeline, will also give us more leverage with OPEC and the Saudis.

We must undermine them and ensure that allies can come to us for energy resourcing. Then we must restore the sanctions against Iran and bring them back to their knees, stupidly so Obama enriched them with billions of dollars.

Lastly, we must reassert out leadership in the Middle East and shrink Tehran’s sphere of influence. None of this is going to be easy, since Obama has placed America in a very tenuous position behind a really big eight ball. However, with a solid National Security team that is experienced, focused, principled, and trusted it can be done.

West reiterated that the alternative of allowing Obama’s foreign policy to stand was unacceptable and that the Trump administration cannot afford to make those same mistakes.

One thing for certain is that the senate GOP had better get behind Trump or they may be looking for new jobs after the next senatorial elections in a couple of years.

Source: Allen B West

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