Southwest Makes Massive Political Mistake…Now Millions Should Call For A BOYCOTT!

With much of the world celebrating the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States, there are those within our own country refusing to do so.

In fact, they are orchestrating a great insult to our nation’s long tradition of the peaceful transition of power with a thinly veiled march to support the abortion lobbyists.  America already watched one the most infantile Trump protests on the recordbooks on Friday, and Saturday was just an amorphous whine-fest on a bigger scale.

The Women’s March on Washington, held on January 21, was nothing more than Planned Parenthood and liberal sponsor George Soros’s meager attempts at undermining Trump and his supporters’ great victory to the White House.

While many Hollywood celebrities and misguided men and women make plans to swarm D.C., a few companies are showing their deluded support for their cause.

From HuffPo:

Things got lit on a Southwest Airlines plane carrying men and women to the Women’s March on Washington.

Two women shared pictures of their Thursday flight, which turned on pink lights apparently in support of its passengers to mark Saturday’s special occasion.

A representative for Southwest spoke about the pink lights in an emailed statement provided to The Huffington Post:

“While we’re unaware of details surrounding a specific flight, our flight crews celebrate, commemorate, acknowledge and share in special moments with our customers all the time,” the statement said.

Yes, what better way to celebrate a march to defend a woman’s right to abort a baby, than with garish pink light in an airplane!

That pathetic captain or stewardess who decided to bother an entire flight just to show support to those marchers should be ashamed. They are offering their acknowledgement for a barbaric practice that should have been outlawed long ago and are encouraging foolish people to engage in a pointless and un-American protest.

Protests have gone on since the November election, including recent days, to criticize our new President. While people have the right to speak their minds, they are exposing their ignorance and gullibility in marching tomorrow.  They claimed to be open-minded and inclusive, yet showed just how vindictive and exclusive they could be.

The entire spectacle is only to empower a bloody industry and confirm that these people are puppets for Soros.

The next time you’re making travel plans, remember what Southwest Airlines just did.

Do you think Southwest, which has developed a great reputation among airlines but is also known for its eccentric behavior, deserves a boycott? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: HuffPo

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