STANDING OVATION: US House Reacts To Speaker Ryan Giving Visas To 300,000 Muslim Immigrants

Maybe House Republicans are just tired. Maybe they’re a little frazzled from the last eight years of fighting and frustration. Whatever the case may be, they seem to be acting very un-Republican.

At a recent gathering, House Republicans applauded newly christened Speaker Paul Ryan, for his remarks about future intentions. They even went as far as giving him a standing ovation.

According to Breitbart, they were happy over what he had to say:

Ryan laid out those policies—which he described as a “bold, pro-growth agenda”—in this week’s Republican address. The policies–which read like the usual Republican clichés espoused throughout Ryan’s career–will focus on five areas: health care, “poverty and opportunity,” “constitutional authority,” national security, and “jobs and economic growth”.

But wait, have they not been paying attention? This is the same Paul Ryan that approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill, right? The bill that funds visas for nearly 300,000 temporary and permanent Muslim migrants. Why are House Republicans celebrating?

Again from Breitbart:

Similarly in his discussion of restoring “Constitutional authority,” Ryan declares that the “president’s executive overreach has undermined the Constitution.” What Ryan fails to mention is that his omnibus spending bill fully funded President Obama’s still fully-operational 2012 executive amnesty for illegal immigrants who allegedly came to the country as minors.

At a time when even Presidential candidates call for a ban on Muslim immigration, when ISIS-inspired attacks are happening around the word, our Congressmen appear woefully uninformed. The event was described as all but lovefest for those attending. But why are they ignoring what Ryan has done?

This is especially shocking when studies show that Muslim immigrants support big government and liberal policies. Do House Republicans want four more years of the same? Do they think spending big bucks to allow Muslim immigrants into America is good for their policies?

We at Patriot Journal just can’t make heads or tails out of such a display. Hopefully the next president will have more sense than this group of lawmakers.

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