Huge Hollywood Star Risks Career…”I Believe Donald Trump Loves America”

In any big election, Hollywood stars come out to support their candidate of choice.

Usually they back the liberal candidate. This year it’s been no different.

We’ve seen a slew of celebrities expose their ignorance by saying odd things, or openly attacking the American public.

In the midst of this war of words from Hollywood, there have been a few sane voices.

Tom Hanks expressed a measured opinion about a Trump candidacy. Although he’s a Democrat, he showed maturity and professionalism throughout the discussion. Now it looks like another notable actor is showing a decent attitude in regards to the current candidates.

In a recent interview Bryan Cranston, of Breaking Bad fame, had some thoughtful words about Trump and the state of American politics.

From Conservative Tribune:

Cranston told CNN on Thursday that he hated the divisive environment that is today’s American political system, saying: “I want to promulgate the idea that just because someone has a different opinion than yours it does not make them the enemy.”

“So I will say right here, right now, on national television that I believe Donald Trump loves this country,” he added. 

It’s a shockingly reasonable and intelligent response.

For months we’ve heard nothing but hate-filled attacks from the mainstream media against Trump. They’ve called him racist, sexist, and a bully for his stance.

But here we have a well known celebrity sticking up for the man.

Although Cranston said he disagreed with Trump’s approaches to helping America, he believed in having an open and respectful dialogue about the issues.

He said that he would be open to speak with a Trump supporter to speak with them about issues important to them.

“So if I were to meet a Trump supporter, the first thing I would want to discuss is what are the issues that led you to that decision and I want to know about that. And not to make them wrong, but just understand.”

That’s not the kind of attitude you’d expect from a Hollywood celebrity, one that appears to be in support of the left. We’ve been so embroiled in extremism these days, we forgot that we can have open, respectable discussions with people of differing opinions. Discussions that could benefit both sides.

Cranston is echoing a stance that has long vanished from America’s political and media landscapes. People used to respect one another. They used to agree to disagree. And the country was better for it.

Let’s hope more people mirror Cranston’s view, regardless of their sides. Maybe we can end the extremism and political correctness, once and for all.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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