Starbucks Opens Stores Just For Muslims, Floored By Their Brutal ‘Thank You’

Here is the thing with identity politics. When you divide people by group, even the radical left will be pitted against each other.

This is a hard lesson that insane leftist advocacy organization and occasional coffee seller Starbucks is quickly discovering.

Mad World News picks up the story…

In a deliberate attempt to display acceptance of migrants, the CEO of Starbucks opened multiple coffee shops to specifically cater to one special group. However, shortly after appeasing them, the CEO was shocked to discover how his new customers repaid his kindness.

But Starbucks is a proper correct thinking friend of the aggrieved, how could that possibly go wrong?

Despite supporting Muslims in various politicized moves, former-CEO Schultz has left successor Johnson to inherit a once untouchable corporation choking on its own values. After specifically catering to Muslims in Islamic Malaysia and Indonesia, devout Muslim organizations are boycotting Starbucks and demanding the coffee chain’s license to do business in the countries be revoked because of the company’s support of LGBT rights.

Wait. Islamists hate homosexuals? Who knew?

As the Trump administration rolls on, the fissures on the left become more evident. Islamists fighting with gays. Pro-life gays fighting with pro-choice gays, Anti-Israel thugs fighting gay Jews, Blacks fighting Latinos, social justice warriors fighting everyone who commits “thought crime”.

The hits go on and on.

For the rest of us, it is mostly just fun to watch.

After former CEO Schultz claimed that Christians need not shop at Starbucks, its a joy to watch their selective tolerance bite them in the butt!

Source: Mad World News

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