Battle For Cali: Famous Friends Of Bernie Are Going All Out…In The Most BIZARRE Way Possible!

Every election cycle, we are subjected to annoy ads and pointless rhetoric from the left aimed at convincing us their socialist ways will “save” America.

Despite the fact that after eight years of a failed Obama administration,this year they’re touting the same line.

Even more irritating are the scores of celebrities who come out of the woodwork, trying to leverage their fame, in support of their liberal candidate of choice.

Many of these Hollywood cronies come across as shockingly out of touch in their attempts at swaying the American public. Who told them we give one iota about their political views?

The most recent celeb news comes out of California, one of the last battle grounds failing Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has.

Although he is far from gaining enough delegates to earn the nomination, there are still a few famous advocates on his side.

From Los Angeles Times:

[T]his week, [Shailene] Woodley decided to take the RV on the road to campaign for Sanders ahead of California’s June 7 Democratic primary. She invited a few celebrity friends and fellow Sanders fanatics, including actors Rosario Dawson and Kendrick Sampson.

They didn’t hire a driver, instead taking turns at the wheel for a 12-city tour of the state.

They started Thursday, with stops at the U.S.-Mexico border and San Diego. On Friday, more than 500 miles later, the big tan motor home rolled into a quiet residential neighborhood in the Bay Area suburb of Hayward, where a couple dozen Sanders supporters were preparing to spend the afternoon knocking on doors.

Wow what normal, down-to-earth super stars. Instead of getting into a private jet, they deigned to come down on our level and go door to door. For some reason, they think bothering a few people at their homes will be enough to turn around Sanders’ campaign.

You may think that this is just a clever scheme on Bernie’s part to leverage these young actors’s fame for his own interests. Apparently though, they are doing this out of their own volition, with no manipulation on the part of the candidates. Sure.

At least they aren’t inciting violence, like some of Bernie’s people.

Even if these young stars sway enough voters to help Bernie, he still has a long fight ahead of him, come the Democratic National Convention.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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