Clinton UNMASKED! State Dept. Expert REVEALS Truth…DESTROYS Hillary’s Lie!

Expect to hear the name “Howard Krongard” a lot this summer.

If the Hillary Clinton camp were hoping that the email server scandal was too boring and technical for most Americans to care about, they just got an unpleasant surprise.

Krongard knows first hand how things are supposed to operate at the State Department, and he’s also blessed with the ability to explain Clinton’s rule-breaking in simple terms.

Fox News spoke with the former State Department inspector general yesterday:

“Certainly to my knowledge at least, Secretary [Condoleezza] Rice did not have a personal server. I certainly never either sent an email to one or received an email from one,” said Krongard, who served during Rice’s tenure.

Further, he said, “I would have been stunned had I been asked to send an email to her at a personal server, private address. I would have declined to do so on security grounds and if she had sent one to me, I probably would have started an investigation.”

Krongard noted that during Clinton’s four-year term, from January 2009 to January 2013, there was no Senate-confirmed inspector general in place. Suggesting the Clintons show a pattern of avoiding oversight, Krongard indicated that Hillary Clinton benefited from the fact there was no IG during her term.

“I would’ve been the most unpopular person in that building [had I been there],” Krongard said.

Krongard also addressed how over 2000 classified emails could have made their way from the Department’s classified computers onto Clinton’s personal server.

He explains how many steps it would take for this to happen. It couldn’t have been an “accident.”

Source: FoxNews

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