Democrats Just Made This SHOCKING Move Against Gun Rights…Are You Affected?

Though Obama has but a few months left in office, he had dedicated this time to destroying whatever is left of his credibility.

We know he is using his time to raise cash for his foundation–a play taken out of the Clinton book.

We also know he is trying to establish one of the worst Presidential legacies in history.

In these dwindling months in office he has tried to erode as much as he can from our right to bear arms. He has even tried to find ways to circumvent Congress in a gross abuse of his power.

Now his home state is following suit. According to a new report from Associated Press:

Hawaii could become the first state in the United States to enter gun owners into an FBI database that will automatically notify police if an island resident is arrested anywhere else in the country.

Most people entered in the “Rap Back” database elsewhere in the U.S. are those in “positions of trust,” such as school teachers and bus drivers, said Stephen Fischer of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division. Hawaii could be the first state to add gun owners.

If this smacks of Big Brother to you, you’d be right.

It is another step in the government’s march of controlling every citizen. State and federal governments have been trying to suppress gun ownership since the beginning, because a lawful gun owner is a threat to corrupt politicians.

Any American wise enough to own a gun will also want to exercise their other rights, like free speech. And the government can’t have that!

Allen B West has some more insight on the matter:

[M]any argue this is curtailing Americans’ constitutional right — that exercising a constitutional right shouldn’t require one giving up their privacy to be forced into a database, even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

Why should law-abiding citizens be forced to register with the government? They’ve done nothing wrong, they are no criminals. Yet Hawaii wants to track every gun owner, simply because they are embracing their Second Amendment rights.

What say you? Will such a law deter you from owning a gun? Maybe this kind of harassment will inspire more Hawaiians to embrace the Second Amendment, before the state outlaws it completely.

Source: Allen B West

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