One State Just Banned Sharia Law…This Is What Americans Demanded!

It is not too hard to realize that Sharia Law is antithetical to American values.

Whereas American values teach people to love their neighbor, Sharia Law teaches Muslims to hate.

Whereas American values establish all citizens as equal under the law, Sharia Law teaches that some people are more valuable than others.

Whereas American values protect minorities, Sharia Law oppresses women, gays, non-Muslims, and many more minority groups.

Sharia Law is one of the most dangerous belief systems on this planet. It has inspired Muslims throughout history to commit horrible atrocities in their name of their religion, and it does not appear as though it will stop anytime soon.

As a result, the tolerance of Sharia Law and its questionable compatibility with democracy have become contentious topics in the United States today.

In this great debate, the Left has aligned itself with Islam and Sharia Law. Liberals believe that Sharia Law has a place in our country, and they have taken numerous measures to protect its implementation. These measures include allowing local courts to apply Sharia Law in certain cases.

Conservatives, on the other hand, oppose the spread of Sharia Law. They think it is too dangerous to bring to the United States, and they try to stop it wherever it rears its ugly head.

Fortunately, after years of pro-Sharia liberal victories, it looks like the conservative side is beginning to take the lead.

As reported by Conservative Tribune:

In a move that’s angered Muslim groups, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill that would ban Shariah law and other forms of foreign law from being used in Texas courts.

Texas House Bill 45 — more commonly known as the “American Laws for American Courts” bill — would require the “Texas Supreme Court to adopt rules and provide judicial instruction regarding the application of foreign laws in certain family law cases.”

It states that “litigants in actions under the Family Code involving a marriage relationship or a parent-child relationship are protected against violations of constitutional rights and public policy in the application of foreign law and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards by courts of this state by a well-established body of law.”

Breaking this down, what it essentially means is that in cases that involve divorces, child custody, child support or other family disputes, foreign law — including Shariah — cannot be entered into proceedings. Before, said the bill’s author, Republican state Rep. Dan Flynn, spouses could enter into agreements that would apply foreign law to their cases.

Governor Abbott is firmly on the conservative camp in this issue, and he is not willing to see Sharia Law infiltrate the American justice system.

Liberals had made it so courts in Texas were applying Sharia Law when ruling on family matters for Muslim people. For example, a Texas judge would have possibly had to consider Sharia Law when handling a divorce case between two Muslims.

Muslims in Texas were getting away with bringing their antiquated belief system into American courts. Naturally, this led to many problems.

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The people who suffered most from this practice were Muslims who wanted to escape the restrictions of Sharia Law. Many Muslims come to the United States in order to have the chance to live outside the confines of their religion, and this practice was preventing that from happening.

Indeed, Muslims women who thought they had left their oppressive homelands were once again told they were worth less than their husbands. Gay and lesbian Muslims who thought they now had the chance to be free were once again treated as criminals.

Thankfully, Governor Abbott put an end to this madness.

American law once again rules in American courts, and millions of Muslim and non-Muslim men, women, and children alike can finally experience the freedoms afforded to them by the United States of America.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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