YES! State Sues Obama After He Tries EXTORTION To Promote THIS Radical Leftist Policy

It’s always good news when we hear about a state fighting back against Obama.

The right for states to stand up against federal oppression is a cornerstone of our government, especially when Washington operates in a fascist, un-American manner.

Many have been appalled by Obama’s strong-armed tactics against North Carolina.

He has threatened to withdraw millions of dollars of funding if the state doesn’t overturn their recent transgender bathroom law.

Using money to manipulate the authority of a state?…is there anything more evil?

It seems that Gov. Pat McCrory isn’t as cowardly as Obama hoped.

From Fox News:

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory filed suit Monday against the Department of Justice in a bid to preserve the state’s controversial “bathroom” law, after the Obama administration said the policy violates the civil rights of transgender people.

The state was facing a Monday deadline set by the administration to respond to its demand that North Carolina either scrap the law or face legal action and risk losing federal funds.

McCrory refused, and instead filed suit. 

The federal government has always wanted to impose its will on the states. The extent that they’re going to protect a minority as small as transgenders is shocking. To deprive a state full of people support, in order to send a message to extreme leftists is disturbing. It also shows Obama’s ignorance in the basic way states pass laws.

“I don’t think that three working days is enough time for such a pretty big threat,” [McCrory] told Fox News. “It’s the federal government being a bully, making law.”

McCrory also said he doesn’t have the legal authority to change laws and that the expectation that he can is “unrealistic.”

McCrory, who signed the bill into law in March, said last week that the department seems to be breaking new ground in claiming the North Carolina law violates Civil Rights Act protections against discrimination in education and the workplace.

The good people of North Carolina refused to let the warped ideology from the Obama camp to dictate their lives.

The outcry across social media is an indication that many across the country share the same views.

While trying to defend the rights of a shockingly small demographic, the Obama administration has declared war on the safety of every woman in America.

North Carolina is the first to stand against him. More will follow.

Source: Allen B West

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