BREAKING: State Trying To Throw Donald Trump Off The Ballot! – DISGUSTING

Donald Trump says the system is rigged. Now the same people who called him an extremist for saying that are inadvertently trying to prove him right.

This news is so shocking and unprecidented, it’s hard to believe, but this election has gotten so insane that one state is trying to remove Donald Trump’s name from the ballot.

Right Wing News has the story:

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL)(…) have filed a lawsuit at the state Supreme Court seeking to remove his name from November’s ballot.

The statute in question says, “Presidential electors and alternates for the major political parties of this state shall be nominated by delegate conventions called and held under the supervision of the respective state ventral committees of the parties of this state.” When the MNGOP held its most recent delegate convention in May, party leadership didn’t elect alternate electors. Last month, MNGOP chair Keith Downey admitted to reporters that his party simply “forgot” to elect them. Donald Trump got on the ballot there at the very last minute.


There should be a ruling next week. But make no mistake, the GOP didn’t get their ducks in a row in Minnesota and Trump’s campaign did not staff the state. If this falls through, he should not only blame the GOP, but himself. I think this, however, will swing in his favor… the court there has a history of deferring to the major parties in the state.

No one should be surprised that a far left party decided to take advantage of this situation. Even many admirers of Trump say his ground game leaves a lot to be desired when compared to more traditional election campaigns. This incident needs to be wake up call to Team Trump to get more professional, fast.

Source: Right Wing News

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