Teacher Surprised When Muslim Students Cheer Brussels Attack…But Police Response Is Even MORE Shocking!

Ivar Mol is a Dutch teacher who works tirelessly to educate the youth of his nation. His goal is to equip them with knowledge, no matter their background or affiliation.

So you can imagine his surprise when, on the day of the Brussels attacks, some of his students started acting strangely.

Mad World News reports:

While civilians were being slaughtered in Brussels, the Dutch teacher witnessed his Muslim students openly applauding and celebrating the carnage. In front of the entire class, the Islamic children laughed and praised the terrorist attack, as the rest of the non-Muslim students simply looked on in horror.

That’s enough to get anyone upset, especially a teacher.  But when he went to social media to voice his concern, the story gets even weirder.

Mol quickly tweeted what was going on, asking, “How do you still teach when Muslim children in your class are applauding the attack?”… Hours later, Mol tweeted that 3 police officers were waiting for him on his sidewalk and that he wasn’t sure if he should continue his activity on social media.

Does that sound strange to you?  Because it is.  Since when is it the job of any police force to monitor a free citizen’s tweets?  On a day of carnage, the police should be working double to ensure the safety of their people, not harass a local teacher.  Apparently the Mayor of Mol’s city told him the police were not sent by his command.  So did they do this on their own?

What about the children who were celebrating the death of innocent civilians?  There wasn’t any investigation over them, nor of their parents, who were teaching them this kind of behavior is okay.

So we’re living in a world where it’s okay for Muslim children to cheer terrorism, but a respected teacher is harassed for questioning them.  It’s like something out of a horror movie.

This behavior isn’t anything new to the Muslim world. The celebration of indiscriminate slaughter and the blame of their ideological violence on Western governance continues to gain momentum. However, jihad has been a work in progress for over 1,400 years.

Across the world leaders are apologetic toward Muslim populations, blissfully ignorant of the fact that many of them encourage and applaud terrorism.  When will our leaders–in the US and Europe–begin to recognize the real threat and stop protecting the enemy?

Source: Mad World News

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