Supreme Court Alert: Justice Kennedy Is About To Transform The Court—And Trump’s Legacy

When Donald Trump ran for president, he made a big deal about nominating conservative constitutionalists to the judiciary.

This all began when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly passed away during the campaign. People also started to speculate that other Justices would retire at some point over the next four years.

As president, Trump made good on his promise and nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill Scalia’s void. So far, Justice Gorsuch has been a wonderful addition to the Supreme Court.

Those who are pleased with Gorsuch might have another reason to celebrate in the near future, as rumors about Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement have begun to circulate.

As reported by NPR:

But it is unlikely that Kennedy will remain on the court for the full four years of the Trump presidency. While he long ago hired his law clerks for the coming term, he has not done so for the following term (beginning Oct. 2018), and has let applicants for those positions know he is considering retirement.

Kennedy’s position on the court is more than consequential. In the most hotly contested and closely divided cases, his vote often decides the outcome. With every passing day, it has become more clear that President Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is probably even more conservative than the justice he replaced, Antonin Scalia.

This is fantastic news.

As the NPR piece is quick to highlight, Neil Gorsuch has been one of the most conservative Justices in Supreme Court history.

Therefore, we can most certainly trust President Trump’s judgement when it comes to nominating constitutionalists for the judiciary.

We need constitutionalists in the courts now more than ever. The past several years have been filled with progressive victories in the judiciary – Obamacare and social issues, to name a few – and our country is just a few rogue decisions away from moving way too far left to ever reverse course.

Additionally, it has become hard to trust our current Justices. People who were supposed to be conservatives, like Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Kennedy, have turned out to be more sympathetic to liberal causes in recent years.

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We need more Gorsuch types if we are to have a trustworthy Supreme Court that champions the Constitution.

Thankfully, it looks like that individual might come soon. We just need to wait and see what happens with Justice Kennedy.

Source: NPR

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