Donald Trump Is Gaining Support Of All Kinds…But This May Be The Most Surprising Yet!

The support for Republican Nominee Donald Trump has been becoming more diversified since the beginning of his campaign.

Taking a strong stance on immigration and American manufacturing, Trump has managed to secure the support of millions of conservatives.

According to the Associated Press, one stance of his in particular has earned the support of an unexpected group…

The Hindu Sena group, a right-wing organization in India, is supporting the presidential candidate with what some may call an unorthodox method. “Around a dozen members of a right-wing Indian Hindu group lit a ritual fire and chanted mantras Wednesday asking the Hindu gods to help Trump win the U.S. presidential election.”

There are roughly 330 million people in the Hindu religion, and this group is calling for them to support Donald Trump.

So why is this group asking for their gods to influence the choice of millions of Americans?

“The whole world is screaming against Islamic terrorism, and even India is not safe from it,” said Vishnu Gupta, founder of the Hindu Sena nationalist group. “Only Donald Trump can save humanity.”

Donald Trump’s vow to crack down on Islamic extremism speaks to this Indian group, whose nation has seen radical Islam erupt in its communities.

Mr. Trump has managed to pull support from people of all kinds, and it doesn’t look like he is stopping anytime soon. There is really no telling what members of the international community are going to speak up next in favor of the Trump campaign.

Source: AP

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