Should Your Tax Dollars Pay For Illegals On Welfare?

Liberals are blind to the reality of what illegal immigrants are doing to our nation.

“They’re all just hard-working, law-abiding folks, just like Americans,” they think.

But some stunning figures show just the opposite. Not only do they bring crime and drugs to our shores, but they also use welfare—and it turns out, a lot more than their legal counterparts.

From the Center of Immigration Studies:

In September 2015, the Center for Immigration Studies published a landmark study of immigration and welfare use, showing that 51 percent of immigrant-headed households used at least one federal welfare program — cash, food, housing, or medical care — compared to 30 percent of native households.

The average household headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) costs taxpayers $6,234 in federal welfare benefits, which is 41 percent higher than the $4,431 received by the average native household.

The average immigrant household consumes 33 percent more cash welfare, 57 percent more food assistance, and 44 percent more Medicaid dollars than the average native household. Housing costs are about the same for both groups.

Based on the evidence, do you think your hard-earned tax dollars should pay for the welfare of immigrants? Vote in our National Poll below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Donald Trump is considering deporting illegals who have placed themselves on the welfare rolls. Watch experts debate whether President Trump should carry out this law that is already on the books:

Source: Center for Immigration Studies

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