Look How Much Taxpayers ‘Owe’ Obama’s Deserter Bergdahl?! Americans Are Enraged

Most of America is in agreement that Bowe Bergdahl betrayed his orders and country when he went AWOL. While stationed in Afghanistan, this soldier left his base, seeking to flee his responsibilities.

He was captured by the Taliban. Six brave soldiers died trying to find him. To add insult to injury, President Obama traded a captured terrorist to set Bergdahl free.

Even worse, it was decided early this month that Bergdahl–despite breaking his orders–would not be sent to jail.

Now word is spreading that not only is Bergdahl scot-free, we might owe him money!

Cue the outrage… now!

From Army Times:

When Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl came home in 2014, he was potentially entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay that accumulated over five years while he was in Taliban captivity in Afghanistan.

From the moment he was captured, Bergdahl became eligible for extra pays available to captive troops.

In total, along with his basic and deployment pay, he could be entitled to more than $300,000.

But the Army has not calculated that pay yet, a G-1 spokesman told Army Times, because the legal proceedings since his homecoming in 2014 have put that in limbo.

“Based upon the results of trial, the Army is reviewing Sgt. Bergdahl’s pay and allowances,” Lt. Col. Randy Taylor told Army Times. “His final pay and allowances will be determined in accordance with DoD policy and Army regulation.”

Can you believe a man who betrayed his orders and fellow soldiers might be entitled to $300,000?

In times past, a man like this would have been shot on the spot. Deserting your post during a time of war is a serious offense. At the very least, he should serve jail time. But thanks to the social justice ideas introduced into our Army during Barry O’s time in office, this criminal might be entitled to cash money.

It is a travesty that Bergdahl might be receiving a payday for his actions. He wouldn’t have been captured, had he followed orders and not run like a coward. Also keep in mind, his actions cost the lives of six American heroes. Give that money to their families, I say.

What do you think? Should the Army pay Bergdahl anything? Is he entitled to money because of what he suffered?

Source: Army Times

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