Taxpayers Stroke $1 MILLION Check To Drug-Smuggling Illegal…For Doing THIS?!

The case of 16-year old Cruz Velazquez Acevedo demonstrates two of the largest problems facing this country: illegal immigration and the drug epidemic.

At the border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana in November of 2013, Acevedo attempted to transport liquid meth into the United States.

He was stopped by two CBP officers, who found the liquid meth on his person. Acevedo claimed it was “apple juice.”

After asking the boy to drink it to prove he was telling the truth, the boy did so and died two hours later.

The boy’s family decided to sue, with the family’s attorney saying the teen was “basically a good boy.” How many “basically good boys” do you know who smuggle meth?

The fact that he was smuggling drugs didn’t stop the family from trying to get a pay day.

From The Daily Wire:

Acevedo’s family’s complaint accused the two officers of having “coerced and intimidated” Acevedo into taking “a big sip.”

The Acevedo family’s complaint also alleged violations of constitutional rights, including the right to not be subjected to punishment without due process. It further accused government officials of inadequately training CBP officers.

When are liberals going to understand that illegal immigrants do not have constitutional rights? Constitutional rights only apply to citizens that legally live under the Constitution.

You would think the Acevedo’s lawyer, Harvard grad Eugene Iredale, would know that. Instead, he attempted to milk the state for all it was worth, claiming that the CBP officers asking Acevedo to drink the liquid meth he was smuggling was,“the most inhuman kind of cruelty.”

What’s really cruel is the fact that drug smugglers like Acevedo have led to the explosion of a drug epidemic in the United States.

If Acevedo hadn’t been apprehended, there’s a good chance the meth that killed him would have led to the death of someone else.

Talk about getting a taste of your own medicine.

Despite the fact that their son committed a crime, the family received a settlement of $1 million, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

Source: The Daily Wire

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