PANIC! Hillary Receives TERRIBLE News…Sends Desperate Plea To Supporters

Although the left wants you to believe they are an unstoppable juggernaut, the opposite is true. Despite all their rhetoric and aggressive agenda, they are weak without the support of everyday Americans. Say what they may, the Clinton campaign cannot thrive on just the support of foreign entities and big name celebrities.

And it seems there are plenty of everyday Americans who want no part in their schemes.

From Breitbart:

Just before midnight, the Clinton campaign emailed supporters begging for money before the fundraising deadline for the month of May.

“I was wrong. I was sure that if Trump became the Republican nominee, this team would step up and the support would come pouring in,” Campaign Manager Robby Mook wrote in an fundraising email, declaring that fundraising “has actually slowed down a little bit.”

“Slowed down a little bit,” is a nice way of saying “grinded to a halt.” Anyone whose gotten campaign emails knows they have to balance urgency with the facts. They need to motivate their supporters without sounding desperate. Yet none of that is true in Mook’s email. He knows Clinton’s campaign is in big trouble without an influx of cash.

“If things don’t change, we’ll have to adjust our plans, and run a smaller, less aggressive campaign — which means that Donald Trump has a better chance of beating us,” he wrote.

Oh really? You mean Hillary can’t beat the man with just her charm and winning personality? Are you saying her political views and agenda aren’t enough to convince the American people? She needs a boatload of cash to run ads that trash her opponent?

“Better chance” of beating us is hilarious. As if Trump won’t destroy Clinton, regardless of how much money she has.

Asking for money for a campaign is nothing new. But the desperate tone of this email is amazing.

Maybe Clinton’s train will run out of steam before long.

Source: Breitbart

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