TERROR THREAT IN DC: Bombs Just Discovered Near Capitol…But It’s Not Who You Think

With tensions high after the tragic attack in Brussels, the last thing we need is news of new dangers in America.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, because law enforcement in Washington have just arrested three students for making bombs in their dorm.

The arrests came a few nights ago, on the campus of George Mason University, as US News & World Reports notes:

Three students at George Mason University have been arrested after alleged bomb-making materials were found in a dorm room…

Police officers went to the room Wednesday night after it was reported that flames were shooting out of the window.

Search warrants say police found a leafy green substance, match books, shaved match heads, a mortar and pedestal, lighter fluid, hand sanitizer, candles and a PVC pipe.

The documents say investigators reported the items could be combined to make explosives.

According to a police statement, two people were arrested on drug and alcohol-related charges; the third person was charged with possession of bomb-making materials. Police did not identify them.

Police have yet to release the names of the students nor have they disclosed their intent.  The fact that they were located in our nation’s capital with powerful explosives cannot be ignored.

This time police were able to apprehend them.  Next time?

Let’s hope we have leadership in the White House that will curtail this trend.

Source: US News & World Report

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