BOMBSHELL: Terrorism Expert SHOCK Accusation…Obama’s Crime Against America REVEALED!

Andrew McCarthy has been trying to wake up America to the threat of Muslim terror for over twenty years.

He successfully prosecuted those who carried out the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, but even after the ultimate collapse of those towers eight years later, many people are deaf to his warnings.

As outspoken as ever, McCarthy just made one of the most shocking pronouncements of his career, in an interview on Bretbart’s SiriusXM radio show:

He said that Obama’s actions during the Orlando terror attack — blaming Republicans and censoring the words “ISIS” and “Islam” from Omar Mateen’s 911 transcripts — were par for the course for the president.

When Breitbart host Stephen K. Bannon told McCarthy that “you basically imply there are Islamic supremacists inside the national security apparatus of the United States government,” McCarthy answered: “I hope I did more than imply it.”

“I stated it outright, and think that’s pretty clear, just from some reporting that’s recently come out about Laila Alawa, a 25-year-old Syrian immigrant who’s somehow on the Homeland Security advisory council, that gives the president advice on counter-terrorism policy — a woman who said that basically 9/11 was a good thing and changed the world for good, which is just about as stunning as anything I’ve ever seen from someone who has a quasi-official government position,” he continued.

This is just chilling. The man who prosecuted some of the most vicious Islamists America has ever seen is saying that our own government, our own president, has effectively surrendered and become complicit with a vicious, anti-freedom religious belief that seeks to kill homosexuals, suppress women and make all Americans slaves to Sharia Law.

How far have we drifted when this is met with yawns instead of impeachment and treason charges?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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