Muslim Hostage-Taker Killed In Texas…Cops SHOCKED By What They Found In His Car!

Soon after the unthinkable terrorist attack in Orlando, we’ve received word that another potential shooting occurred in Amarillo, Texas.

Cops responded to a threat in an Amarillo Wal-Mart.  It appears a gunman was threatening shoppers and staff. Many shoppers were able to flee the scene unharmed, but the gunman barricaded himself in the back with an employee and manager.

The good news is the police were able to free the hostages. No victims were harmed in the innocent, though law enforcement were forced to kill the gunman.  The real worrying fact is what motivated the shooter.

By all accounts he was a Somali Muslim; it’s not crazy to think this was another attack motivated by terrorism. Yet Texas police seem to be suppressing this fact.

From Mad World News:

The sheriff’s office is declaring this incident “workplace violence,” as preliminary reports on this breaking news story suggest that the gunman was a former Walmart employee who was fired.

When officers arrived on the scene, they were looking for a man described as Somali Muslim, said to be wearing khakis. While further details about the deceased suspect have yet to be released, authorities are being strangely tight-lipped on this person, which could be to not cause hysteria of a second Muslim shooter in the US in less than a week. Americans have already been warned that areas like shopping centers, malls, nightclubs, and other technically “small” places where many people gather are at biggest risk of being targeted by terror.

Are police obscuring the facts about this attack to limit panic? Or have they been coached by officials to downplay any further news of terrorism in America? We know this gunman was Muslim, it’s not a leap to believe he was trying to perform jihad. So why not release his name and other vital details?

We have a right to know what is going on in our towns and communities. Is it possible that our Democratically controlled government is trying to suppress news about Muslim terrorism? Perhaps federal agencies, under the influence of Obama, are compelling law enforcement to obscure the truth. Each threat of Islamic terrorism makes him look powerless and a failure; it wouldn’t be passed him to try to hide it.

It sounds crazy, but so did a mass shooting in a Florida nightclub, until a few days ago.

Source: Mad World News

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