Texas Just Dropped The Hammer On Black Lives Matter…EVERY State Should Do THIS Too – BOOM!

In light of the recent cop slayings around the country, our local and federal government must step up to protect the lives of our brave police officers.

Despite the problems that exist within our law enforcement agencies, violence against the vast majority of good cops cannot be tolerated.

Thankfully, we are learning about leaders taking just those kinds of steps. Legislators in Texas aren’t letting the recent tragedy in Dallas go unnoticed. They are taking steps to make sure killing a cop carries the proper penalty.

From Conservative Tribune:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Lone Star State lawmakers are cracking down after recent attacks carried out against police officers.

Abbott on Monday announced the Police Protection Act, which aims to strengthen penalties for crimes committed against police officers.

The Police Protection Act will extend hate crime protections to law enforcement officers and increase criminal penalties crimes committed against law enforcement.

The act also aims to create a culture of respect for law enforcement that includes organizing a campaign to educate youth on the value police officers bring to their communities.

I think it’s entirely acceptable for hate crime laws to also apply to cops. For years minorities and other groups have enjoyed extended protection thanks to hate crime laws. Laws aimed at discouraging discrimination in our country should also apply to cops, when they are the target of hate.

Now what we need are national laws that  extend hate crime protections to all police officers. Sadly this probably won’t happen while Obama is in the White House.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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