WHOA! What Texas Republicans Are Planning Could End America As We Know It…

Is this the beginning of the end of the American experiment?

There are movements all over Europe and other parts of the world that seek to remake the map based on historic, cultural and political factors.

America is largely immune to these tendencies, with only a few exceptions.

One is native American nationalism. This movement is largely muted by the creation of autonomous reservations within the US.

Another is Mexican nationalism that sees the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that turned all or part of ten western and southern states from Mexico to America is invalid and wish to re-establish northern Mexico in Arizona, California, Nevada, et al. This is the driving force behind many of the immigration protests. They really want to make America Mexico again.

However the most widely popular and historically established nationalist movement is the Republic of Texas. About a third of Texans support or are open to supporting secession from the United States and re-establishing the state as an independent nation as it was before it entered the Union via treaty in 1845.

This idea has been increasing in popularity in recent years and has now reached the point that Texas Republicans can no longer ignore it. Mother Jones has the latest…

On Wednesday, the Platform Committee of the Texas Republican Party voted to put a Texas independence resolution up for a vote at this week’s GOP convention, according to a press release from the pro-secession Texas Nationalist Movement. The resolution calls for allowing voters to decide whether the Lone Star State should become an independent nation.

Since Obama became President, the party has grown. The state has expressed distrust of the federal government and is the leader among states that feel there is a rift between the common man and Washington. A fair enough stance, to be sure. states need to stand for their values, especially if they fly in the face of Washington.

[W]hile the idea of returning to independence has never been taken seriously by most people, it remains popular as a romantic notion and marketing hook. Lone Star beer is the “national beer of Texas.” Texas Monthly is the “national magazine of Texas.” In a 2009 rally, then-Gov. Rick Perry hinted that the state could secede if “Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people.” He later backed off the idea.

By and large the people of Texas are proud Americans, and most of them don’t want to leave the country. A strong state-driven identity is even good, as it helps a community to thrive and promote/protect their values.

However the idea of the engine of the American economy taking its marbles and going home should concern everyone in the other 49. Texans are less inclined to tolerate abuse from DC than most others specifically because they share a separate nationalist identity.

Source: Mother Jones

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