British Left Is FURIOUS With Voters…DISGUSTING Reaction To BREXIT Proved Trump Is Right!

It’s telling how the left reacts when they don’t get their way.

Supposed proponents for free elections, democracy and human rights suddenly become the biggest tyrants on the planet. Apparently they are for freedom, so long as everyone does as they say.

We see this every time liberals lose seats in government.

We see this whenever conservative values are upheld, be it in America or overseas. We’re seeing it especially loud right now in England, after the shocking BREXIT victory. Liberal globalists are raging online and in public, crying out the death of the UK, simply because they didn’t get their way.

Now they’re going a step further to invalidate the will of the people.

From Daily Mail:

British and European politicians are plotting to block the UK’s exit from the EU.

On a chaotic day in which the Labour Party went into meltdown, a campaign was started to force a second referendum.

Tony Blair, Nicola Sturgeon, some pro-Remain MPs and a senior German official said a rethink was needed now the consequences of quitting the Brussels club were clear.

Sorry gang, you don’t get to throw out the rule book just because you lost. They remind me of those bratty kids in the school yard, who keep changing the rules of a game so that they could win. So much for democracy. Hell if that doesn’t work, we can just go back to dictatorship!

The plotters hope a general election can be held later this year before the start of the formal process of quitting. Last Thursday’s referendum could then be reversed.

Meanwhile, top figures in Brussels have questioned whether Britain will ever quit the union, with a senior diplomat saying the divorce process will probably be delayed and then ditched.

It’s fitting they used the word “divorce” because they sound like a desperate spouse in denial. “Maybe she’ll take me back! Maybe she’ll forgive me.” Sorry, Brussels, the UK has had enough of your crap.

The fact that there are officials in Britain and Europe so bold as to ignore the vote is disgraceful. For all their pompous boasting, when the chips are on the table, they revert to their old ways. Europe historically has been the home of tyranny and monarchical abuse. It’s taken centuries for those nations to even mildly accept the ideas of democracy and civil liberties.

Now it seems they’re going back on all those things.

Mr Duncan Smith said the bid by the political elite to frustrate the will of the people was an ‘anti-democratic joke’.

‘There is a lot of bad losing here from the Europhiles,’ the former Tory leader told the Mail. ‘This was one of the biggest turnouts since the war and there is no justification for a second referendum whatsoever.’ 

We’ll see just how successful these Brexit blockers will be and whether the British people will tolerate their abusive behavior.

Source: Daily Mail

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