Pathetic: What #NeverTrump Is Doing NOW Will Make You FURIOUS!

When billionaire and reality television star Donald Trump entered the presidential race, initially he wasn’t taken seriously as a candidate.

Months later, the GOP is scrambling to do whatever they can to ensure that Donald Trump is not the Republican Party candidate for the November Presidential election.

He has beaten off all comers and looks like the presumptive nomination having won the support of the people.

As WaPo reports…

A band of exasperated Republicans — including 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a handful of veteran consultants and members of the conservative intelligentsia — is actively plotting to draft an independent presidential candidate who could keep Donald Trump from the White House.

They have been making efforts to line up contenders and funding sources. After all of Trump’s rivals have pulled out of the race, the efforts of this group have intensified.

They know that launching an independent candidate at this stage in time is useless, but they are using the next few weeks to build a viable opponent for Trump.

It is hard to believe that die hard members of the Party are so reluctant to have one of their members secure the nomination despite having the support of the citizens.

The main two candidates they have been trying to use as opposition are Senator Ben Sasse and the Governor of Ohio John Kasich who only recently dropped out of the race.

This group has even gone to as such extremes as to trying to find a reality television rival who could potentially be a better choice, such as Mark Cuban, the billionaire who is part of Shark Tank and owns the NBA team the Dallas Mavericks.

Cuban admitted he had been approached about potentially running, but he has declined to do so as there is not enough time to launch a credible campaign.

It is not very viable to run as an independent candidate and to have a winner outside of the two main parties. Even if there was an independent conservative candidate, the Republican vote would most likely be split, meaning that it would be an easy victory for the Democratic candidate.

To date, this has been the most interesting to follow presidential campaigns that have been seen. Both parties have highly controversial candidates who spark a long conversation. Whatever happens, it will go down as one of the most controversial elections in recent memory.

Source: Washington Post

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