What This Former Agents Says About Hillary Should END HER…Scary! [WATCH]

The Secret Service is tasked with protecting the president from any and all threats to his safety, but what if one of those threats is the president’s own wife?

That was the conundrum facing Bill Clinton’s security detail, according to former Secret Service officer Gary J. Byrne, author of the new book Crisis of Character.

He talked to Fox News host Sean Hannity about what he observed as part of that detail. For example, Byrne was troubled when Bill Clinton turned up one morning with a black eye, the result of an altercation with Hillary (and a vase) the night before.

Byrne also confirmed Hannity’s observation that Hillary “seems angry a lot” in public by adding that she was often so furious behind closed doors that “she almost couldn’t complete a sentence. Yelling, screaming, cussing.” Her anger was often directed at employees, including the Secret Service.

“I’m not comfortable talking about this,” Byrne told Hannity, “but I feel so strongly that people need to know the real Hillary Clinton and how dangerous she is in her behavior.

“She is not a leader. She doesn’t have the temperament (…) She’s dishonest. She habitually lies.”

Byrne’s final chilling words?

“She’s two different people.”

Source: Fox News

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