SHOCK CLAIM: The FIX IS IN…Learn The Secret Plan…Block Then Dump Double Cross In The Works

The seemingly sudden rise of support for Ted Cruz has shocked and surprised many Americans.  The Trump train has been gaining momentum for months, only for a lower candidate to gain votes and steam.

Maybe Ted Cruz is really as popular as it looks.  Maybe there is a large contingent of Republican Americans who want him to be President.

Or perhaps the Establishment is pulling the strings.

Chatter has been bouncing around the Internet about the GOP’s response to Trump’s campaign.  Established politicians have been opposing it since day one, coming up with failing tactics to derail him.

The latest is propping up “Lying” Ted Cruz in hopes he will steal away the last few delegates from Trump, preventing either from becoming the nominee.

That will give people like John Boehner an opportunity to choose a candidate that lacks the support of the American voter.  Which of course will all but assure a Democratic victory come November.

But why are they doing this?  Charles Hurt, columnist and editor, had this telling statement to make:

Hurt said the Republican Establishment loves talking about convention rules, floor fights, and the fine points of delegate behavior because ‘it allows them to avoid a far deeper and more important problem they have, and that is that they are completely out of touch with Republican voters.’

The American people, particularly Republicans, are sick and tired of Washington’s inability to get things done. They’re upset about the economy, constant threat of terrorism, and a government unwilling to make the tough decisions.  They’ve sat through eight long years of unfulfilled promises.  Candidates like Donald Trump have gained popularity, because Americans believe he can truly turn this ship around.

“Any way you look at it, Donald Trump is an outsider.  We’re supposed to be in favor of the outsider right now because the Establishment has proved they cannot be trusted to do any of this stuff.  The outsider is absolutely who any conservative should be behind right now,” he declared.  “Ted Cruz, all he is doing is, he is aiding the Establishment so that they can pick neither of them.

Now’s the time to watch what the GOP does very closely.  If they prevent Trump from achieving the nomination, even if he earns a majority of the delegates, it’s time to reconsider your allegiance.

For a political party to sabotage their own candidates, giving the election over to the Dems, do they really deserve our support?

It all might be moot, if Trump grabs the 1237 delegates.  But if he doesn’t, there just might be a third candidate come November.  And significantly fewer Republicans in the future.

Source: Breitbart

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