REVEALED: THIS Is The Real Donald Trump…Proves Why America Will MAKE HIM PRESIDENT!

The men in women who protect our country as law enforcement agents do so without bias.

They are sworn to protect all Americans, regardless of their political leanings or beliefs.

This was true for West Virginia State Trooper Jeremy Yost who, on the same day, worked security for both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

What he had to say about both rallies is eye-opening.

According to his post on Facebook, it was “pretty cool” to work at Sander’s political rally.

But his real opinion came out when he met Donald Trump.

From Western Journalism:

“I was in the hallway when Mr. Trump arrived and snapped a quick picture,” Yost wrote as part of a Facebook post chronicling his experience.

“Right after that I got a quick thumbs up from him and he then stopped and acknowledged all law enforcement in the hallway and thanked us for being there. It was a very nice change after Sanders bashing Law Enforcement just hours prior in front of cameras,” Yost wrote.

Sanders came up during the 60’s, a time of rebellion and disrespect for authority. It seems the Democrat still holds onto his hatred for law and order.

Ironic, considering he wants to run the country. Does he plan on dismantling the police when in office? If not, he should start respecting the work they do.

On the other hand, Trump went out of his way to thank the men and women who were working to protect his rally. This is especially important, considering the unjustifiable violence breaking out at Trump rallies. These state troopers could have encountered real opposition, and Trump understood that.

“For the record there were no cameras around Mr. Trump and he could have walked right past us without acknowledging (us) standing there but did. It’s time we bring respect back to America,” he posted.

Stories frequently come out about the humanity and respect that Trump display when the cameras aren’t rolling. This isn’t an act. Despite his reputation for bravado from his appearance on The Apprentice Trump’s true nature to respect and work with people. It’s that kind of quality that could make him a great President.

Source: Western Journalism

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