SHOCKING Stats On American Sex Slave Trade…Millions Of Victims!

Despite what your school teachers may have told you, slavery is alive and well.

There are more slaves in the world today, yes even in America, then there has even been in history. Many of these come in the form of sex trafficking. Countless women and children and corralled into this heinous practice, with some stats claiming at least 20.9 million victim.

The people who run these operations comprise an elaborate network than spans the globe. Criminal enterprises have become rich off the backs of sex slaves. They operate in virtually every country, sharp enough to elude law enforcement. This is especially true in countries that look the other way.

You’d think such a disgusting industry would be high on our government’s list of priorities. But not on Obama’s watch. During a one-year period, the DHS only put away eight sex traffickers. Eight, out of the thousands that operate around the world.

I guess the left is more concerned about transgenders using bathrooms and wrecking healthcare, than the lives of innocent women and children.

The good news is there are organizations that refuse to let the government set the agenda. Founded by former CIA and Homeland agent Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad is rescuing victims of slave trafficking and putting their offenders behind bars.

From Allen B West:

O.U.R. [is] a privately-run organization not tied to any government bureaucracy – no surprise they’re making things happen. For comparison, in two-and-a-half years Operation Underground Railroad has saved or rescued 530 children and enabled 200 child sex traffickers to be jailed. Compare that to the Department of Homeland Security’s figure of eight. Kinda have to tell you, I prefer the former organization, not the latter. And what just touched my heart was the constant prayer Tim’s team does on the missions detailed in this film.

The film he speaks of is “The Abolitionists,” which tells O.U.R.’s story. It’s not a surprise that someone with religious conviction will do more than a government run by secular humanists. They’re more concerned with trivial, “social justice” matters, rather than real justice.

The founder of O.U.R. has serious plans to stomp out sex trafficking around the world.

Time says today, two million children worldwide live as sex slaves. Seventy-three million children under the age of twelve are forced laborers. How do we end this? We can join up and support Operation Underground Railroad and become the new 21st Century Abolitionists, I have.

Here’s Tim’s three point plan:

– We locate child sex slaves and connect with local law enforcement, foreign and domestic.

– We rescue the children and take them to safe havens for rehabilitation.

– We go after ringleaders and break up organizations.

This is not the first group to undertake this endeavor, but they’re making a big difference. Judging by their tract record so far, O.U.R is going to accomplish their plans. Groups like this deserve our attention and support.

Let’s hope more people get on board with Tim and his team. Perhaps we can end this terrible industry in our lifetime.

Source: Allen B West

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