REVEALED: Hillary’s Rasputin…The Woman BEHIND The Email Cover-up!

The Clinton email scandal is not going away. We are learning more everyday about Crooked Hillary’s attempt to massively cover up her shady behavior as secretary of state.

It’s clear her private email server–one that violated federal regulations–was created in order to hide her business from the State department. She was taking cash from foreign interests and giving out favors. Arms deals went to hostile nations and trade deals that hurt the U.S. were put through, all because they gave Hillary money.

When the FBI started getting suspicious, Hillary dumped her emails. We’ve been speculating for months about how she tried to hide over 33,000 emails and documents as federal investigators starting looking into her server.

Now we know that act of defiance was aided and orchestrated by one of her top allies.

From Truth Feed:

Newly released FBI documents detailing the bureau’s investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal the aide who would likely follow her into the White House as chief counsel was central to a cover-up of evidence sought by investigators.

Yet despite signs Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills obstructed efforts by investigators to obtain Clinton’s emails, the FBI invited Mills to attend Hillary’s interview at FBI headquarters as one of her lawyers.

According to the investigation, Cheryl Mill’s helped Clinton sort through her emails and determine which ones should be deleted. They claim they were simply trying to sort out “personal” messages, but most people say they were destroying evidence to Hillary’s crimes.

“It’s absolutely outrageous,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

“The FBI saw massive document destruction and clear intent to withhold material evidence,” he added.

This is the woman that Hillary would most certainly assign an important role in her administration. We’ve seen the kind of people Hillary Clinton allies herself to. Crooks, traitors, and terrorists. It’s not a surprise that she would work with a woman who has no qualms about lying to the United States government.

The FBI dropped the ball over this investigation. We know that. Hillary and her mass of colluding cronies got off, when they should have faced severe penalties for their perjury, destruction of evidence, and gross violation of the law.

But we the American people still have a say in the matter. And it will come in November.

Source: Truth Feed

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