They’re Coming…

We already know that Obama wants to do as much damage to our country before he leaves office.

It seems he has given up pretending to care about the American people or our interests.

Wanting to appear as liberal and open-minded as his buddies in Europe, he vowed to let in a dangerous amount of Syrian refugees into the United States.

He promised 10,000 foreigners will be welcomed in our country by the end of September. Although such a spike is untenable and dangerous, he is pushing to make good on the promise.

Now we know there has been a spike in the number of refugees coming into our country, a spike that simply cannot account for proper screening.

From Washington Times:

The State Department admitted 80 Syrian refugees on Tuesday and 225 on Monday, setting a new single-day record as President Obama surges to try to meet his target of 10,000 approvals this year — sparking renewed fears among security experts who say corners are being cut to meet a political goal.

The Obama administration is on full throttle to admit as many people as possible before the time clock runs out on them,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies. “This is the classic scenario when political expediency trumps prudence, and someone slips through who shouldn’t have, and tragedy ensues.”

Powerless to stop the civil war in Syria, Mr. Obama has instead offered the U.S. as a safe haven for those fleeing the conflict, promising to accept 10,000 refugees between Oct. 1 and Sept. 30. As of Tuesday evening, he’d approved 2,540 — an average of about 10 applications a day.

Instead of coming up with a better plan, like safe zones in their own land, Obama wants to welcome thousands of strangers into America.

These are not tax-paying citizens, with similar values and beliefs as our own. These are people fleeing violence, who will have no means to support themselves. They will be a burden on every tax payer.

Couple that with the fact that this kind of policy opens the door for terrorists to walk right into the country. Despite screenings, nothing can stop an ISIS agent from providing stolen or false documents in an effort to slip in with the refugees. Something that has lead to two devastating attacks in Europe already.

Last week Senate Democrats, led by Sen. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, fired off a letter saying other countries are approving refugees at a quicker pace, and demanding the administration catch up.

“Refugees are victims, not perpetrators, of terrorism,” the Democrats wrote in their letter.

That’s not always the case, however, as two men who arrived as part of the refugee program were charged with terrorism-related offenses in January.

Why are Democrats so intent on bringing these people in?

Are they just trying to impress their foreign liberal buddies?

Perhaps they believe this new glut of migrants will support their party (though they cannot vote). Maybe in ten, twenty years, their children will remember how the Democrats welcomed them into this land and will vote accordingly. A long shot to be sure.

Or perhaps having thousands of new people dependent on the federal government for support will allow them to expand their power and reach. Refugees are just a pawn for Big Government.

How disgusting.

Source: Washington Times

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