WHOA! Third Party Just Made Sanders An Offer That Could End Hillary…Make Donald Trump President!

This is shaping up to be a very unusual election season!

Normally third parties in America have very little influence and almost no impact on presidential elections. There are some exceptions such as Ralph Nader in 2000 helping Bush beat Gore in Florida, but no one since Ross Perot has represented a real threats to the Republicans and Democrats.

Things could be much different in 2016. The Libertarians, with ballot access in all 50 states, are on the verge of nominating two popular former Republican governors and now we have word that another minor party is making a play for Bernie Sanders to be their standard bearer.

The Green Party only has ballot access in 21 states, but among those are Ohio, Florida and California.

According to Salon, Green presidential candidate Jill Stein has issues an open letter to Bernie Sanders asking him to join forces with the Greens to “revolution for people, planet and peace”.


A challenge from the left could have a massive impact on Hillary Clinton who is seen as too cozy with Wall Street and uncommitted to the Green’s deeply stupid agenda to roll back 100 years of human progress in the name of Mother Gaia.

In the letter, Stein lauds Sanders efforts…

“You’ve proven that in today’s rapidly changing America, a populist progressive agenda covered by the media and the televised debates can catch on like wildfire and shake the foundations of a political establishment that seemed invulnerable just a few short months ago,” Stein wrote to Sanders, asking if “in this wildly unpredictable election where the old rules are giving way one by one, can we think outside the box and find new and unexpected ways to synergize beyond obsolete partisan divides?”

She goes on to make him this offer…

“I would love to explore with you collaborative ways to advance that effort and ensure the revolution for people, planet and peace will prevail. Please let me know if you’re interested in talking,” Stein concluded. 

While Sanders has yet to respond, the continuing outrages committed against the Vermont Socialist may make such a run more plausible. Sanders is an independent senator and only joined the Democrat Party to run for president.

If they keep pushing him out, he might just find a home with the Greens that could cost Hillary Clinton the election.

Source: Salon

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