This Doberman Just Made The ULTIMATE Sacrifice For This Little Girl [WATCH]

This incredible story out of Australia is a great reminder why we love our dogs…and just how much they love, even when that means making the ultimate sacrifice.

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In October 2007, Catherine Svillcic was in her backyard enjoying a nice moment.

Her 17-month-old daughter, Charlotte, was playing by herself. And also in the yard was the other new addition to the family: a neglected Dobermann named Khan.

Catherine had just adopted the dog four days before.

His former life had been awful and it was obvious that his previous owner beat him and didn’t feed him enough.

Then something happened that shattered the happy day in an instant.

“Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressive towards Charlotte and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn’t working, so he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her more than a meter,” Catherine Svilicic told Australian newspaper Adelaide Now.

The mother was shocked when she saw the dog’s behavior. But then she looked down and saw something slithering under the house: a poisonous snake.

Then, Khan made a loud noise and recoiled in pain.

Thankfully they made it to the vet in time and Khan recovered completely. He has since enjoyed a pampered life as a beloved member of the Svillcic family.

So take a moment and let your special pooch know how much he means to you, he might just save your life!

Source: Newsner

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