The 1 Effect Of Orlando NO ONE Expected…The Left Is In A PANIC Over THIS!

In light of the terrorist attack in Orlando at a gay nightclub, homosexuals around the country are waking up to a new reality.

Their enemy is not conservative Christianity (which has often been attacked by the left), but radical Islam that preaches homosexuals should be killed out of “compassion.”

Now that the wool has been pulled from their eyes, many in the LGBT community are finding ways to protect themselves.

They are seeing their buddies in the Democratic Party don’t have their back. The best way for them to be safe from terrorism is to be ready to fight back.

The hashtag #shootback is being spread across social media and has become a message to the LGBT community. The only way to stop attacks against them is to show the terrorist that they will face gun fire back.

From The Daily Wire:

On Wednesday morning, posters suddenly appeared in West Hollywood, California featuring a gay version of the Gadsden Flag featuring a rattlesnake on top of the gay rainbow. The flags also had the hashtag #ShootBack indicating a more proactive approach to gay self-defense.

The posters were attracting attention in front of the Pacific Design Center, The Abbey, West Hollywood City Hall and in front of artist Chad Michael Morrisette’s house.  Morrisette had covered the roof of his house with 50 mannequins to make a statement about the Orlando shootings.

The posters appeared on the side of buildings, dumpster, mailboxes, and phone polls.  The image is circulating across the Internet, a clear sign that there is a contingent in the gay community that will not take this terror attack sitting down.

Be certain that terrorists will think twice about opening fire in a gay nightclub if they knew those partying inside were going to shoot back.  That’s why we have the Second Amendment, so that Americans can protect their freedoms at all costs. No one, not the government, not individuals, not radical Islamic terrorists have the right to deprive Americans of their freedom.

So stand up LGBT brothers and sisters. Go out and get your guns. Practice at the shooting range. Be prepared, because the liberals in Washington certainly won’t protect you.

Source: The Daily Wire

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