Presidential Poll STUNNER – This Is The News Donald Trump Has Waited For!

We were told after the convention that Hillary had built up an insurmountable lead in the polls and that all she had to do was run a prevent defense to keep Donald Trump from catching up. You know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

Who knows how the polls will look at the end of this week, after incidents like Hillary Clinton’s fall on Sunday are factored in.

For now, the race for the White House is now a statistical dead heat once margins of error are accounted for.

As part of his weekly analysis, Jazz Shaw reports:

It remains a two point race with plenty of voters still either undecided or leaning toward a third party option. Neither major party candidate is close to a majority at this stage. (…)

This survey really isn’t any different in a statistically significant way than last week’s entry when Clinton also led among likely voters by two points, 42-40. (…)

Still, the difference between the registered and likely voters is telling. Trump does five points better with likely voters than the wider registered voter sample, so take from that what you will.

These polls continue to show Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson as first choice among 9-10% of those surveyed.

However, these numbers don’t take into account his recent verbal gaffes, such as his confusion about Syrian geography, or his bizarre vow to “get tough” on a mystical place called “East Korea.” If this keeps up, watch for his support to erode over the next month.

Source: Hot Air

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