TRUMP EFFECT: This State Just Broke A Decades Old Record…Proves The Donald’s Popularity

Once again, we’re seeing record turnouts for primary election this year.

It started with Nevada and now it’s continuing across virtually every state.

All it took was a man named Trump. Love him or hate him, his unapologetic rhetoric and refusal to play politics has motivated people from all corners of the nation.

Many voters are energized by his non-traditional approach, saying things most politicians are two cowardly to say. This has made him beloved by many who resonate with his big, boisterous opinions.

And they’re turning up to vote.

Indiana is next, showing overwhelming early votes for the primary election. More people have voted than in any previous nomination contest in the last two decades.

From Kokomo Tribune:

More Indiana residents have cast their votes early for the state’s primary election than any of the previous nomination contests during the same time period in at least two decades.

The Indiana Secretary of State’s Election Division reported Thursday that more than 157,000 early votes had been cast between April 5 and Wednesday. That’s nearly 30,000 more for the same period for the 2008 primary, the last one without a presidential incumbent.

This kind of turnout will only increase as we get closer to the general election.  It’s not crazy to say that this election will see the highest voter turnout in many generations, perhaps ever.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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