Over the last few months of the presidential election campaign we’ve seen poll after poll by the mainstream media proclaiming Hillary to be in the lead and that Trump supporters should just give up now and go home to wait for the inevitable.

The announcement that Hillary has won!

The problem with that is the turn out for the campaign rallies of Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton and Republican champion, Donald Trump shows just the opposite. It is Trump who is filling up stadiums to capacity while Hillary can barely manage to fill a high school gymnasium.

So how is it that the mainstream media insists that Hillary is in the lead? It’s simple! They’re lying, fudging the poll numbers and using dirty tricks to demoralize Trump supporters.

To demonstrate that fact is an example of Hillary’s vice presidential running mate, Tim Kaine speaking at a rally in Palm Beach, Florida with a huge crowd of ……..only 30 people…….including the news media!


Meanwhile,  a Mike Pence rally in Salisbury, North Carolina, on the same day, brings in several hundred Trumpsters!

The turnout for Trump has been like this all through the election and yet the Hillary hawking media say she is in the lead! The media is so dishonest it’s surprising that anyone at all pays them any attention!

Source: Gateway Pundit

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