Tim Kaine RALLIES Miami…There’s Just One Problem! – HUMILIATING

Everyone knows that Donald Trump’s audiences are vastly larger than Hillary Clinton’s, but this is ridiculous.

Clinton’s bizarre vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, didn’t endear himself to many Americans with his angry, unhinged debate performance against Mike Pence. This seems to have translated into downright indifference on the campaign trail.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton writes:

Looks like Florida is just not that into Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Kaine showed up in a pickup and jeans, trying to relate to the ‘common man’ out there. I hate to break it to them, but that strategy is failing fantastically.

Fewer than 50 people showed in Miami to hear Tim Kaine speak. Thousands are showing up for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. So many in fact, they have to turn away thousands. Hillary Clinton has said she won’t campaign further before the election except for the final debate. That’s not a winning strategy if you ask me and I’ve been in politics now for over two decades. It makes absolutely no sense when a race is this close for someone to be that sure of themselves. It has the feel of corruption all about it.

Kaine’s camp tried to get out a bigger crowd by pairing Kaine with a rapper named Pusha T but that clearly didn’t work. The photos speak for themselves: bored looking people sitting on folding chairs in a parking lot, staring at their phones.

Monroe-Hamilton adds ominously:

I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’ve gotta say it looks to me like the people have spoken and they want Trump. Hillary can’t fill a room, yet she’s winning the electoral college. Something seems very amiss there and has the ingredients of a revolt in the mix.

Indeed. Many people on both sides of the aisle are looking forward to the election being over, but the trouble is: This campaign may prove to be just the beginning of a cultural clash that will get more dramatic after election day.

Source: Right Wing News

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