The Top 20 Political Stories Of 2016: 11-20!

2016 – what a year to remember!  While liberals moan and complain about how horrible it was, how they have lost their Hollywood heroes and there’s no hope for America, for most Americans this was an unbelievably amazing year.  The Cubs won the World Series! The Dow is closing in on 20,000!  And in the world of politics, one of the biggest, most surprising events in American history happened: Donald Trump defied the Washington Establishment, the liberals and the mainstream media complex to win the Presidency of the United States.  Here’s a look at the top 20 moments of an unforgettable year:

20. The Early Vote Count Is IN…And Trump Is SPEECHLESS! (10/25/2016) – The mainstream media twisted the polling numbers into a pretzel during the 2016 campaign to give them what they wanted, but once the votes started pouring in from the swing states, their lies and manipulations were revealed.  Thus began the delegitimization of the media, once and for all…

19. Chris Matthews Challenges Mike Pence On Hillary Emails…His EPIC Response SHUTS HIM DOWN! [WATCH] (10/31/2016) – In the final weeks of the campaign, Mike Pence dared to go on MSNBC and face the quixotic Chris Matthews.  Of course Matthews tried to skewer him, but Pence put in one of his best performances with an unforgettable takedown of Hillary.

18. Attorney General Lynch CAUGHT! Secretly Dropped FBI Documents To… (10/5/2016) – America dodged a bullet with Hillary, but only just, and she had a lot of help.  Ed Klein should be remembered as one of the heroes of 2016 for shining a spotlight on Hillary’s connections and dirty tricks that went all the way up to the Attorney General, who met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac.  While that may be Lynch’s seminal blunder of 2016, this document drop reveals the crooked extent of Hillary’s help.

17. Rubio Makes STUNNING Announcement At Trump Convention…This Changes EVERYTHING! (7/20/2016) – Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump on the stage of the Republican National Convention may live on in Republican lore, but Marco Rubio also made waves onscreen at the convention by doing the exactly the opposite.  Once a bitter rival, this was a big step for “Little Marco” towards maintaining his position in the Senate come November.

16. Trump’s New Secretary Of State Candidate Just FLOORED Americans…This Is EXPLOSIVE! (11/29/2016) – Trump made the media’s head spin like a top as he began announcing his cabinet picks, and his interviews and links for Secretary of State topped them all.  Though we now know Rex Tillerson will be heading up Trump’s international affairs, Trump’s grand drama of parading out Giuliani, Romney and others was a sight to see.  This candidate for the office, however, really made waves, as he was one of Obama’s most bitter enemies.

15. Trump’s 28 Point Plan For His Presidency REVEALED…This is EXACTLY What America Needs! (10/24/2016) – While the media accused Trump of sharing ambiguous plans for his presidency, nothing could be further from the truth.  He was far more specific on how he would solve America’s greatest issues and drain the Washington swamp.  Hillary was simply out of her league.  Now that he has had a couple months to gather his cabinet, have these plans held true? You be the judge.

14. Hillary’s Mystery Illness REVEALED! She Has… (8/10/2016) – There were many, MANY reasons not to support Hillary for President, but many have already forgotten her erratic behavior that should have disqualified her immediately.  And when the experts weighed in on the evidence (no, not her doctor claiming she was the picture of health), America was in for a big shock.  While she seemed to have recovered as she headed into the debates, America’s trust in this woman had dropped precipitously.

13. New Email Just Confirmed…Obama Is STEALING This Election From Trump! (9/23/2016) – Election Day seemed to go off without a hitch, leaving the Democrats groping for lies about Russian interference.  But evidence surfaced months before the election that Obama himself was taking unprecedented actions to derail Trump’s bid for the Presidency.  Actions this crooked probably hurt the Democrats far more than it helped as Middle America turned against these elitists who did their best to rig the vote.

12. The Dam Breaks! Another Former Rival Backing Trump…This May Be The BIGGEST Yet! (5/19/2016) – The Republican primaries were one of the most brutal in decades, especially in the final months of contention as Rubio and Cruz went head to head with Trump.   But both of these rivals went back and forth on how to handle Trump, unlike one candidate who vehemently opposed Trump every step of the way and was able to draw Trump’s fire repeatedly at the debates.  So when he endorsed Trump only weeks after he had secured the nomination, Republicans were floored—and early signs of an unprecedented Republican unity were already forming.

11. BOOM: Trump Calls Out Act Of War…Obama Is Humiliated! (12/18/2016) – The most recent story on our Top 20, an international incident with the Chinese gave America the perfect opportunity to see the difference between Obama’s foreign policy and Trump’s future policies.  And it also confirmed that the pen is mightier than the sword—well, in 2016 Donald Trump’s Twitter account is mightier than Obama’s Presidency!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s countdown to Number 1!

Source: Patriot Journal

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