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Top Election Expert STUNNING Claim…’Trump’s Chances Just JUMPED From 3% To…’
By PJ Editor|September 21, 2016

Nate Silver is widely regarded as the foremost election analyst in the world. In US presidential election, he averages between 98%-99% accuracy in predicting how each state will vote.

Given his long history of incredible success, the political world takes his predictions very seriously.

Right about now, that must be quite uncomfortable if you are Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Examiner has the details…

The latest vote projection from elections guru Nate Silver has Republican Donald Trump just six electoral votes short of winning and one point away from equaling Hillary Clinton’s popular vote.

The newest Five Thirty Eight survey Trump at 264 and Clinton at 272, two more than needed. It’s the closest in recent weeks.

What’s more, he has the popular vote within the margin of victory, Clinton 45.4 percent to Trump’s 44.3 percent.

Silver had Trump at just a 3% winning chance a few weeks ago. His chance now? 48%!

Source: Washington Examiner

PJ Editor
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