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Top Official Whispers 5 Words To Trump…Hot Mic Pics It Up, Media Goes BALLISTIC! [Watch]
By Faith Braverman|May 18, 2017

The media has obviously never been on Team Trump, but in recent weeks they have been even more relentless and unbearable than usual.

From criticizing the president for having two scoops of ice cream to lying about him leaking classified information, the past few weeks have been a never ending loop of fake news and fake outrage from the liberal media.

It’s no wonder that fewer and fewer Americans are taking the media seriously.

While giving a speech to the Coast Guard Academy during their graduation ceremony, Trump echoed this sentiment, stating that the media have treated him “unfairly” and encouraging the graduates to not back down from their critics.

The DHS Secretary agrees the news networks have been to harsh on the president, but what his mic caught him saying to Trump just might trigger the media into a tizzy.

From IJ Review:

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly’s private joke to President Donald Trump was caught on a hot mic during the president’s appearance at the United States Coast Guard commencement ceremony on Tuesday.

Moments after Trump was handed his ceremonial Coast Guard saber, Kelly leaned over and said to the president: “Use it on the press, sir.”

Gen. Kelly Tells Trump ‘You Can Use that on the Press’ After H…

Gen. Kelly Tells Trump ‘You Can Use that on the Press’ After He’s Presented with Ceremonial Saber

Posted by Grabien on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Now Trump will likely be accused of threatening the news media with a sword.  CNN is certainly attempting to spin the story as such.

The network posted an article about Kelly’s comment with the inflammatory headline, “The Coast Guard gave Trump a sword. A top adviser suggested he use it on the media”. 

Could the Clinton News Network be any more pathetic? Their ridiculous attempts to constantly slander the president is what caused Trump to be elected in the first place.

People are sick of the media manipulating information, and CNN’s repeated lies only prove the president right. The media are being unfair. They are being harsh. But because President Trump is an American loving Republican, the left’s tactics don’t matter.

Journalist integrity will always take a back seat to promoting a liberal agenda. If Trump did wind up using a sword against the media, I doubt many Americans would mind.

The sword may just be mightier than the pen!

Source: IJ Review

Faith Braverman
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